Maryland Attorney Consultation & Fees

Consultation & Fees

Perhaps the most valuable service we offer is the initial consultation.  There is a flat charge for the initial one hour consultation with Ms. Kurtom.  If the consultation lasts more than one hour, the additional time will be charged at the rate of the consulting attorney.  During the consultation, we attempt to not only answer the questions you may have, but also to give you the answers to questions which will arise for you in the future. Call us at (443) 741-2567 to inquire about scheduling a consultation.    

Retainer Form and Billing

Billing Against Retainer

Before we begin representation, we require an initial retainer and a signed retainer agreement (i.e. a fee contract between the Firm and the Client). The initial retainer depends on the case, but usually ranges from $3,000.00 to $5,000.00.  We then bill our time against that retainer, and, if and when the retainer is close to being depleted, we may require an additional retainer if it appears the case has become more time consuming than initially anticipated. 

No two cases are alike and accordingly, no two fees will be the same.  Since the amount of time involved can never be predicted with scientific precision, we will do our best, after an initial consultation, to approximate how long the case could take and how much it might ultimately cost.  Of course, there may be variables which cannot be anticipated, but we will give an honest effort to try to help you determine and anticipate the costs involved.

Consult Forms