"Neveen made me feel extremely at ease about my trial, and took care of everything. Her confidence and professionalism throughout the consultation and process distinguished her from the other attorneys I discoursed with. Neveen comes highly recommended, and I would hire her again in heartbeat."

- Sarah, March 30, 2016

"Neveen heard what I had to say and explain my options in a clear easy to understand way. I felt I was heard and that my case was in good capable hands."

- Carmen, December 29, 2015


"Ms. Kurtom was a big help to me as I live in Texas and had the duty to take over the guardianship of my brother when his wife died. I felt well cared for though I was in Texas and my brother's residence was in Maryland. Good work well done."

- Bob, December 23, 2015


"Ms. Kurtom was excellent she wrote a letter to my employers, who had refused to pay me for my overtime wages. She was very precise and professional."

- Fredericka, August 5, 2015


"I really appreciate Neveen's knowledge and willingness not only to help but to stand for what I believed it. When dealing with a people who were very rude and unprofessional she kept things above board and used her knowledge of the law to work and not stoop to their level. She also was very informative and gave me all the facts and made recommendations. There was a time when I did not necessarily take the suggestion she gave me but she still was supportive and diligent in carrying out my wishes. She kept me more than informed and was a great help. I would recommend her to any and everyone because her services are steps above the rest. I had made several inquires of various other attorneys before settling with Neveen and have never once regretted my decision. She came off very direct and honest from the start." 

- Sky, April 1, 2015

"Ms. Kurtom was extremely professional and made me feel as though she was personally invested in my case.  She explained all aspects of my case thoroughly and gave me an overall comfortable feeling.  Her trustworthiness and guidance in my case reassured me that I was making the right decisions for me and my child."

- Client, August 8, 2012

"Mrs. Kurtom was the aggressive, knowledgeable, and personable attorney my court case needed. She put my mind at ease and provided the best advice an attorney can give. The defendant in the case was very hostile and very untruthful, Ms. Kurtom was able to effectively highlight the falsehoods and shed light on the true facts of the case."

- BJ, January 25, 2011

"Ms. Kurtom handled my case with great care and kept me informed the whole way. I highly recommend her!"

- Client, January 3, 2009