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Food For Thought

There is always a solution!

I have a tremendous amount of respect for people who recognize problems in their life and make moves to fix it. Each person’s tolerance is different from one another and life isn’t always peaches and cream. It takes strength and courage to recognize when change needs to happen and a lot of determination and focus to execute the necessary changes. Don’t let your fears, insecurities, or anxiety get the best of you. There is always a solution. 💪

Child Support Guidelines... What Are They?

In Maryland, the Courts use a formula called the “Child Support Guidelines” to calculate child support. Both parents have a duty to provide child support to their child or children. Generally, the parent who has custody of the children primarily receives child support. The Court will require certain information to calculate child support:

  1. Each parent’s actual income

  2. Each parent’s adjusted actual income

  3. Work-related child care expenses

  4. Health insurance expenses

  5. Extraordinary medical expenses

  6. The parties’ financial statement

There are so many variables that will come into play at a child support hearing. Issues like voluntary impoverishment, wage garnishment, establishing paternity, and primary or shared physical custody are just to name a few. Contact us at 443-741-2567 and we would be happy to discuss your child support matter with you.

Overcoming Your Fears

When you’re contemplating a divorce, many thoughts run through your head. Am I going to be financially stable and sound? Will my kids be ok? Can I manage my career, children, and life all on my own? The answer is YES!

As a single parent myself, I can say without a doubt that you can navigate through your divorce and move on to have a full and rewarding life. The key to getting through your divorce is to have a plan in place. I often help my clients to be strategic about having a plan in place and encourage them to look at the big picture. Regardless if your divorce is contested or uncontested, the process can be managed and you will come out of it okay. I take the time to evaluate each step of your life, your finances, your children, your goals and I work tirelessly to make sure that your divorce matter is handled with care.

Do not stress. Having independence can be a positive thing for you and for your children. I had many clients tell me after their divorce is over (which can be stressful throughout) that once the dust settled, they now live a much happier life and they have taken control of it.

- Neveen Kurtom, Esq.

Why choosing the right divorce lawyer is important!

It’s difficult to make the decision of who your divorce attorney will be when there are so many to choose from. However, finding the right divorce lawyer is key to what lead to a faster and more cost-effective divorce. When choosing your divorce lawyer, you should consider the following factors:

  1. Goals: What are your goals? Divorce can be a long legal process that can be both financially and emotionally draining. Do you have marital property, custody issues, child support issues or all of the above? Your divorce attorney can help you identify your goals and explain the legal process required to get you through it.

  2. Finances: Let’s face it, legal services are not cheap. A family law attorney will likely have an hourly rate and require a retainer to start your case. Hence, you should sit down with your lawyer and ask how much your case will end up costing. If it is a contested case, the costs will run high, and if it’s uncontested, you will save yourself a lot of money. An experienced attorney will help evaluate your case and LISTEN to you and find the best ways to resolve your case without unnecessary litigation.

  3. Trust: Does your divorce lawyer listen to you, understand you, and is able to give you sound legal advice? Trust your instincts. We often meet with clients who are not happy with their first lawyer and want to change attorneys. Make sure you make the best of your initial consultation and ask your lawyer all the questions that you have to ensure you’re making the best decision when selecting your divorce lawyer. Remember, each case is unique and different from others so do your due diligence!

  4. Trial Experience: You want an attorney who will negotiate on your behalf, but if negotiations fail, you want to trust that your lawyer is confident in court and will fight for you! While many cases settle, some parties are not able to and you will have to attend a series of hearings and you want to make sure that your lawyer will fight for you.

    At Kurtom Law, we have handled hundreds of cases and we can guide you on your divorce matter each step of the way. Contact us at (443) 741-2567.