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Modification of Child Custody and/or child support

Material Change In Circumstance

Maryland Family Modification Lawyer

Parties can request modification of a child custody order, alimony order, or child support order in Maryland. If the circumstances in your life changed so that you can no longer afford to pay the same amount of alimony or child support or your needs or the needs of your child changed so that you now need a different amount of money than was ordered at the time of your divorce, you can seek a modification. In Maryland, there has to to be a material change in circumstance to modify a court’s order.

Can a Divorce Order Be Modified?

Yes, a divorce order can be modified when modification makes reasonable sense and is necessary based on a material change in circumstances. For example, if one parent is planning on relocating out of state and needs a modification of the current order, the Judge may address this issue at a modification hearing. If the parties are reasonable, they may be able to modify an existing order without having a litigated hearing. If they are not in agreement, one party will need to file a petition for modification, and then serve the petition upon the other parent. Once served, the Court will conduct a hearing to determine if a modification is warranted.

Our experienced family law attorney can help you identify:

  • Which issues are and are not modifiable;

  • Filing a petition for modification with the court;

  • Negotiating a consent order with your ex;

  • Representing you during a hearing.

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