Helping Families Navigate Through Divorce and Separation

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Food For Thought

Overcoming Your Fears

When you’re contemplating a divorce, many thoughts run through your head. Am I going to be financially stable and sound? Will my kids be ok? Can I manage my career, children, and life all on my own? The answer is YES!

As a single parent myself, I can say without a doubt that you can navigate through your divorce and move on to have a full and rewarding life. The key to getting through your divorce is to have a plan in place. I often help my clients to be strategic about having a plan in place and encourage them to look at the big picture. Regardless if your divorce is contested or uncontested, the process can be managed and you will come out of it okay. I take the time to evaluate each step of your life, your finances, your children, your goals and I work tirelessly to make sure that your divorce matter is handled with care.

Do not stress. Having independence can be a positive thing for you and for your children. I had many clients tell me after their divorce is over (which can be stressful throughout) that once the dust settled, they now live a much happier life and they have taken control of it.

- Neveen Kurtom, Esq.